A Full-Scale Team Effort Catches Escaped Inmate

On Thursday May 9th, 8 days after he never returned to the Camp Verde jail from work release, runaway inmate Trevor Trammel was taken back into custody.  The United States Marshals Service developed information that Trammel was in Prescott. Law Enforcement attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a truck that Trammel was a passenger in, and the vehicle fled. YCSO, and Prescott PD set up to wait for him at an address in Prescott, when the truck traveling at a high rate of speed passed their stationary position. The driver and Trammel ditched the truck and fled on foot. The detectives along with USMS chased the two on foot. YCSO Detectives and US Marshals were able to catch the driver of the truck and Prescott P.D. assisted and caught Trammel hiding in a yard.


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