Prescott Valley Police Looking For Person of Interest

The Prescott Valley Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in attempting to identify the subject in the below photograph.

The unknown subject is responsible for high dollar criminal damage reports over the weekend at Bradshaw Mountain High School. The subject was wearing all black clothes, a facemask/gas mask, gloves, and boots. The male is responsible for at least sixty thousand dollars’ worth of damage to Bradshaw Mountain High School property during the crimes committed on Friday morning 3-29-24 and Sunday morning 3-31-24 (both dates between the hours of 0100 and 0330); in the area, off Sunset Dr. in Prescott Valley.

  • Please check your cameras/video surveillance should you reside in the area between Pine View Dr. and Starlight Dr. in Prescott Valley.

The subject appeared to be wearing a headlamp and some sort of Go-Pro style camera where they likely recorded their activities.

If known, contact the Prescott Valley Police Department immediately (928-772-9267) –                                 reference DR’s 24-1932 and 24-1933.


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