Candidates File Petitions for July 30, 2024 Camp Verde Primary Election

The Town of Camp Verde will hold its Primary Election on Tuesday, July 30, 2024.  The Mayor’s seat (2-year term) and three (3) Town Council seats (with 4-year terms) will be on the ballot, along with Proposition 476 which asks for voter approval of a Permanent Base Adjustment for the Town.


Candidates had until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 1, 2024 to file their nominating petitions and other paperwork in order to have their names appear on the Primary Election Ballot.  Three (3) Mayoral candidates and ten (10) Town Council candidates submitted their petitions and paperwork before the 5:00 pm deadline, as follows:


Mayoral Candidates                           Town Council Candidates


Tanner Bryson                                     Terry Andrews                          Jackie Baker

Charles German                                   Brian Bolton                            Kai Buchanan

Dee Jenkins                                         Robert Foreman                       Dave Inman

                                                          Jerry “Geronimo” Martin           Jessie Murdock

                                                          Thomas ‘TC” Noble                   Patricia Seybold


Consistent with past elections, the Town of Camp Verde’s Primary Election will allow for vote-by-mail and in-person voting.  Key dates for the July 30, 2024 Primary Election are as follows:

·         Last Day for Write-in Candidates to File                                                June 20, 2024

·         Last Day to Register to Vote                                                                 July 1, 2024

·         First Day for Voter Registration to Mail Ballots                                     July 3, 2024

·         Last Day to Request a Ballot by Mail                                                     July 19, 2024

·         In-Person Voting on Election Day                                                         July 30, 2024

Prior to the election, the Town of Camp Verde will host several public forums to educate voters about Proposition 476.  Please watch for additional information in the coming weeks.


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