Jonathan Nez Runs for Congress

Jonathan Nez announced on social media yesterday his candidacy for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, which is currently held by Eli Crane. Nez argued “Arizonans deserve leaders in Congress who work for them,” adding he will “always put rural Arizona” ahead of
Washington, D.C. politics.


  1. T’àa hwo’ají T’eego. (“It’s up to you??) Can’t even interpret into proper English. Hahahaha, you have nothing to show anything positive with the NN. Even had a Comanche, for a side kick. anaai, against Diné folklore. What is it you expect to improve for the Diné people out of that disgusting way Congress are working. As a Diné I don’t see it for you to run for. I am ashamed of you. I ask for help many times while you were president and you shunned. Best of luck should There be any left, otherwise go on with The $$$ you abd Lizer stassed.


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