City of Sedona Seeks Budget Work Group Members

The city of Sedona encourages residents to apply for the Budget Work Group to serve as a citizen sounding board during the upcoming annual budget process. More specifically, the group of up to nine volunteers will meet no more than four times in March and April on the following topics: City staff will give a high-level explanation of the budget, followed by facilitation of a meaningful discussion where city staff asks what changes to programs and services need to be made and what community issues with budget implications need to be addressed.  The work group will make recommendations on the additional major budget requests staff prepares for the coming year’s budget. The six service providers will present their proposals for renewals of their agreements and the work group will review and provide their recommendations. All of this will culminate with the Budget Work Group’s recommendations summarized for the City Manager and City Council so that they can make more informed decisions when refining and considering approval of the Fiscal Year 2024 budget


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