Final Day of Catch 22 Focuses on Chino Valley Fugitive

In the final day of Catch 22, Yavapai county’s silent witness is searching for the fugitive Arturo Joseph Martinez. In the evening hours of July 3, 2021, Chino Valley Police Officers were called to a residence in the 1800 Block of Grasshopper Lane in Chino Valley as an assault was reported there. Upon arrival, they contacted a female victim who had a bloody face, two broken teeth and a bump on her forehead. The victim related that Martinez, who lived with her, became angry when he learned she hadn’t gone to the grocery store to pick some food items he wanted. As a result, he struck her in the head and face causing her to fall to the floor unconscious. Once she regained consciousness, she tried to divert Martinez’s attention so she could escape out the window. He then rigged the window with a stick so she couldn’t leave and took her phone to keep her from calling 911. Martinez then left by stealing another roommate’s car. Martinez was later arrested and sentenced to some jail time. He was then placed on probation which he has now violated. He currently has a nationwide extraditable Probation Violation Warrant. Martinez is a 39-year-old Hispanic male, 6 feet tall, 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He has multiple tattoos to include one above his right eye. His last known address was in the 1800 block of Grasshopper lane, but he has ties to the Phoenix area.


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