YCSO arrest suspect in credit card fraud case

Recently, YCSO received a call from 49-year old Paula Phillips of Spring Valley, who reported she was the suspect in a recent credit card fraud case. Spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn says Phillips says she made purchases with pre-paid gift cards provided by a couple whom bought items at a yard sale she hosted. On July 28-th, deputies met with Phillips at her home in Spring Valley. Phillips repeated her story about the gift cards obtained at her garage sale. She admitted never meeting the couple previously but was able to recall both names to the deputy. The couple provided 2 gift cards totaling $700 to purchase several items. Phillips described the cards as dark in color with the name ‘Visa. D’Evelyn says video surveillance showed Phillips using the victim’s credit card, which was pink with flowers on it; not black like she stated. Deputies later confirmed another transaction in Flagstaff involving Phillips using the victim’s card. She has since been released pending court action.


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