Monsoon rainfall numbers continue to climb

The monsoon continues to bring up our rainfall numbers. Jerome is in the lead this monsoon season with just under 12-inches of rainfall; their normal is 5.29. Prescott is second with 11-inches; the normal is 5.68. Flagstaff has picked up 8.67; the normal is 5.56. Seligman is well above their normal 4-inches with 9.31 recorded so far this season. Cottonwood has received 5.63-inches, Bridgeport 6-inches and Cornville 6.64-inches. It’s Flagstaff’s 11-th wettest monsoon on record, Prescott’s 6-th wettest and Seligman’s 3-rd wettest. Monsoon season runs through the end of September with a good chance the showers and thunderstorms will remain active. The rainfall numbers are through August 27-th.


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