20-year old Prescott Valley man arrested for Sexual Exploitation of area minors.

YCSO deputies were recently dispatched to a residence in Dewey regarding a sex offense report. Spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn says parents of a 15-year-old girl had discovered a secret Facebook page their daughter created. The messages attached to this Facebook page were sexually graphic and inappropriate. D’Evelyn says the man communicating with their daughter was identified as Zachary McQuillen, age 20. It was learned Zachary was known to their daughter when they attended the same school during the previous school year. Although not visible at the time, D’Evelyn says the deputy saw comments from Zachary referencing pictures of his genitalia he sent to the teen victim while asking for sex. D’Evelyn says Tuesday, a deputy located McQuillen at his home on Barbara Road in Prescott Valley and that a review of cell phone and social media content identified 2 additional victims lured by the McQuillen for sexual exploitation.One of the victims, a Prescott Valley girl, admitted to ongoing social media contact with Zachery including the exchange of sexually graphic photos., Zachery threatened suicide with a knife if she did not expose herself. D’Evelyn says this victim was threatened on multiple occasions. He was arrested and charged with multiple felony charges including three counts of luring a minor for sexual exploitation. McQuillen was charged with multiple felonies including Luring and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.


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