KKLD The Cloud!

“Classic Hits” from the best artists, like Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and Michael Jackson! Plus local news and local sports keeps listeners tuned in to The Cloud!


  1. I wish you would stop playing so much Michael Jackson and Prince. Change your format already. You are running these 2 Artist in the groung.

  2. Hello!

    This is Jenny Le Beau and I am the Director of Service for the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). We will be hosting an event at NAU called Trunk R Treat where we invite the community of Flagstaff and communities around Flagstaff. This event will take place Halloween Night from 5 to 9:30 pm at the Dome parking lot, where we will pass out candy, have music, and games for all those who come. I can send you a copy of the Flyer and would really love if you could help us spread the word! Thank you!

    Much Appreciated,
    Jenny Le Beau

    • Thank you for your interest in our radio stations Jenny. I have posted your event and would love to add a jpg or png to enhance the post. Please send future events and the flyer/photo to [email protected]
      Thank you,
      Juli Page
      Community Events Calendar

    I heard the Baby It’s Cold Outside being played on your station and I will forever listen to KKLD because you all obviously relate to the majority and don’t bend and break when others have! KKLD is the best radio station ever!

  4. I agree with Thea. Time to change it up. You guys are playing the same stuff everyday. Sometimes two and three times. There is soooo much of that music to play. Come on give us some variety!

  5. I’ve been listening to your station for a couple years now and absolutely love the music you guys play , but unfortunately another radio station has invaded you airwaves and am disappointed to no-longer be able to hear it in the surrounding Peoria Arizona area. Can only stream so much before running out of data. It’s a Christian station and no offense I am Christian, but you guys are the Best and sad to see this happening. Sincerely, Heartbroken…

  6. Hello, I love this station and have been listening for roughly 4 years. I love all of the music on the station but I would love it more if maybe you guys could include some more The Beetles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and more Lynerd Skynerd, Please.

  7. I generally like KKLD but you seem to be getting away form the ROCK music I grew up with. Perhaps I have outgrown your target demographic. I used to hear songs/groups from the 50s, 60s and 70s on KKLD and it’s prior iteration. Now those songs are rarely heard, in fact only during the Friday Cruise broadcasts, and this last cruise played less so than last year. While us older people are becoming less and less, we aren’t all deaf. I do like a lot of the 80s tunes/groups but they become stale when overplayed. Keep in mind there are a couple stations in the area that play some very good “classic” rock and I have now programmed them into my car radio. My suggestion would be to play outside of the typical programming box – at least more than occasionally.

  8. I used to be able to listen to the station via TuneIn radio. For the past week I have not been able to do so. Did you change something?

    • Thank you for listening to The Cloud. We are currently working with Tune In to correct the problem. Until then the stream on myradioplace.com/kkldfm is working.

  9. We are offering a free Social Security workshop:

    When: Thur. Aug. 1st at 5:00 P.M.
    Where: Payson Public Library
    328 N McLane Rd
    Payson, AZ 85541

    This is a workshop provided as a free service to the community from Social Security and is designed to answer the common questions people nearing retirement have.

    We appreciate your support in getting the word out.

  10. 8/27/19 about 9:5am you played an instrumental song from the ’70s or ’80s, lots of synthesizer…I think it’s a TV theme song and it’s driving me and my brothers crazy trying to think what it is! Is there any way to see the playlist from this morning’s program? I’ve been digging and digging! Thanks, if so! You play awesome music, thanks!

  11. 8/27/19 about 9:50am you played an instrumental song from the ’70s or ’80s, lots of synthesizer…I think it’s a TV theme song and it’s driving me and my brothers crazy trying to think what it is! Is there any way to see the playlist from this morning’s program? I’ve been digging and digging! Thanks, if so! You play awesome music, thanks!

  12. Enough with the ridiculous amounts of Billy Joel! He’s not that good. Who there is related? Enough already! And where are THE BEATLES? You brag about playing the “hits” of the Sixties, etc… yet nary a Beatles cut. Why?!? And as long as I’m ranting, here’s this last gripe; same 45-55 songs, in different rotation, every single day. Frustrating.
    And stop fading out minutes before the song ends. Happens way too often. Figure out how to please the advertisers BUT PLEASE THE LISTENERS first—-or lose us.
    P.s. Enough Billy Joel already.

  13. I have been a listener for many many years, but why don’t you play any 60s songs….seems as tho you play many of the same songs…please start playing the songs a lot of us grew up on. Thank you.

  14. On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 12:57 AM wrote:
    I never contacted a Radio station before.
    BUT–Who is deciding what songs to play on KKLD Prescott az– Especially on weekends???
    I lay in bed listening to fall asleep every night, and occasionally but MUCH More so on weekends late 1:00-2:00AM. I lay there thinking:
    It is 90% TOTAL CRAP that was never a hit for obvious reasons, but their horrible taste in music is played on air.
    These choices must have been the B SIDE songs, and he thinks it’s cute to play those. Very few B SIDE music worth listening to: about 2% ever hit the top 10. There is an obvious reason for that: It is GARBAGE nobody wants to here-nearly physically sickening and USELESS!!
    You need to play what people want to hear: enjoyable nostalgic music people loved in there younger days. QUIT TRYING TO BE “SPECIAL” or “ARTISTIC”.
    There might be 1 in 100 people who like that crap, but you need to cater to the other 99%!
    You need to get rid of that “CREATIVE” moron, and fix your programming to be pleasing to listeners.
    I would go to another station, but my bedtime clock radio only brings in your channel decent enough to listen to in my rural area.
    Sorry, but I had to vent.
    Thanks for listening…


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