The Winter Creation Science Seminar

    February 23, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Chino Valley Bible Church
    713 Market Place Dr
    Chino Valley
    The winter creation science seminar will be on Feb. 23, from 9 to noon at the Chino Valley Bible Church, 713 Market Place Dr.
    There will be 2 excellent speakers: Joe Sebney (a real rocket scientist), and Dr. Chris Williams (a biochemist). There will be a Q & A time after each talk.
    There will be a Bible & science quiz, local ministry highlight, along with a display from the Creaiton Research Society and Willow Dressell with her fossil display. Please bring someone, esp. students if you can!  Each student present gets a free large piece of shortbread and a creation book & DVD.  Please put this on your calendar and plan on coming (and make sure your church youth leader knows about it).
    There is NO CHARGE, but you’ll want to bring some money to get some creation resources & Scottish shortbread.
    I thought that some of you would want to know about the VOICE OF THE MARTYRS CONFERENCE on Feb. 16, 9a – 4p, at the Shepard of the Valley Lutheran Church, 1500 W. Maryland Av. in Phx.  For info, call: 800-747-0085, or go to:
    Lastly, a Christian brother is in need of a low cost room to rent in the quad-city area. He is 59, is partially disabled, and has a pug dog. He has sporadic work as an independent locksmith, and is looking for a Christian he could rent a room from. Please call me if you have a room or want more info.
    Blessings,     David McNabb    771-1218


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