PCA Audition for Annapurna

    June 18, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
    PCA Audition for the next season 2019-2020
    Performance of
    by Sharr White
     Auditions: June 17 and 18 at PCA Stage Too – 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
    Callbacks if needed June 19 – 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
    Performances: November 7 to 24, 2019
    – Director Catherine Miller Hahn
    1M and 1W in their 50’s Needed
    Sharr White’s play is an intimate two-hander play, heavy with symbolism named from the dangerous mountain in the Himalayas.  Twenty years ago Emma walked out on her cowboy-poet husband, Ulysses, in the middle of the night, taking their 5 year old son with her.
    Now hearing he is in dire straits she tracks him down to a grungy trailer in the wilds of Colorado hooked to an oxygen tank, working on his lifetime masterpiece and cooking in the buff. Their reunion is charged with rage and compassion and love, as messy as the trailer itself.
    The characters are a study in contrast:
     Emma’s movements for most of the play are maneuvering around the object-strewn set, lugging suitcases, unloading groceries, every meticulous action of a former wife staving off the need to explain why she’s there. (Watch out when an ex-wife unpacks a ton of baggage.)
    Ulysses, an oxygen tank strapped to his back and a huge bandage stuck to his chest, is immobile for long stretches; he struggles of every laborious movement, his flippant demeanor is an increasingly ineffective mask over wounds both physical and emotional.
    The play contains crisp, darkly funny, naturalistic dialogue that leads us to the question that no matter what life’s hardest climbs present to us, do we ever unlove?  The play avoids undoing the contradictions inherent in this question that often lead to a cheap twist. Instead, it aims for a depiction of love, again as messy as the trailer itself, and is portrayed with rueful self-awareness by 2 competent actors who know the sentiment is anything but trite.
    Scripts are NOW available for checkout in the gallery.  Men, prepare Ulysses monolog on pages 17-18 – memorized or use the script. Women, prepare Emma’s interrupted monolog on pages 37-38 (leave out Ulysses line: “is that . . . ? What you . . . ?) – memorized or use the script.
    It is tempting to bill the show: No tickets will be sold to anyone under the age of 50!


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