Flagstaff Bike Month-Biking Challenge

    May 5, 2021 @ 5:14 am
    Flagstaff Bike Month-Biking Challenge

    Unlike previous Bike to Work and School Weeks, Flagstaff Bike Month is for all kinds of cycling. Whether you are riding to work or school, or mountain biking or riding at the bike park, you can participate.

    Log all of your riding in the Biking Challenge and win amazing raffle prizes for FREE!

    Throughout May, go to Flagstaffbiking.org and log every day that you ride. It only takes a minute, and each time you enter you’ll gain an additional chance to win one of the fabulous raffle prizes donated by local businesses. Raffles will be held at the end of each week, with the biggest prizes being awarded at the end of the last week.


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