May 22, 2020 @ 10:04 pm

    Local nonprofit, Cornucopia Community Advocates, has established a Food Crisis Fund for public donations to sustain local emergency food providers through the coronavirus pandemic.

    The coronavirus has doubled the lines of food-insecure persons at our local food assistance programs. In accord with the Governor’s Executive Order, our food banks and pantries, hot meals programs, and mobile pantries now serve clients in drive-through lines of cars and home deliveries to avoid gatherings of people. Personal contact is minimized for safety.

    These essential programs depend on volunteers to pass out food boxes, yet many volunteers feel they are not adequately protected from infection. Unlike hospital workers, food assistance programs are not supplied with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) supplies, so many volunteers prefer to stay safe at home.

    When food assistance programs, like Old Town Mission, Adventist Community Services, Sedona Community Food Bank, and Manzanita Outreach, lose volunteers concerned about their personal safety, they lose needed manpower to fill the food boxes for hungry people. Some programs might have to close their doors if they lose too many volunteers.

    To prevent these problems, Cornucopia is conducting a survey of 26 local food assistance programs to identify their PPE needs per week. While hospitals have first rights for buying the PPE supplies they need, the needs of our food assistance programs cannot be ignored.

    Acting as coordinator, Cornucopia calls upon local service clubs and community organizations to help our emergency food providers by making masks for volunteers and gathering donations of PPE items that the providers need on a weekly basis.

    Those items include: hand sanitizer bottles, gloves, masks, soap, paper towels, hand-washing stations, disinfectant wipes, and disinfectant sprays.

    Call Patrice at Cornucopia – 928-284-3284 – or email her at [email protected]  to discuss how you or your organization might be able to help meet this crisis. Cornucopia Community Advocates, 95 Spotted Fawn Ct., Sedona, AZ 86351.

    Release time frame: For the next 60 days.


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