Clarkdale VIRTUAL Historic Building & Home Tour

    June 30, 2021 @ 9:57 pm

    CHSM 2021 VIRTUAL Historic Building & Home Tour is Here!  Take a trip back in time, for a $20 donation, view the 2021 Clarkdale Virtual Historic Home Tour.  A 20 minute film showcasing 5 historic homes and narrated by their current homeowners, including historic images of the homes and Clarkdale, one of Arizona’s first planned communities.  View the tour at

    The Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum (CHSM) is delighted to announce the all-new 2021 Virtual Historic Building and Home Tour. The tour features five classic Clarkdale homes, each built in a distinctly different architectural style.

    The 2021 Virtual Historic Building and Home Tour is ready for visitors! Cost for participation is a modest $20 and donations will be used to help upgrade exhibits for the Museum’s planned reopening.

    Each current owner hosts a walk-through of the building, comments on its history, points out original features and shares family history. CHSM augments the commentary with historic images from the Museum’s collection.

    As the name suggests, this tour is virtual. Participants can view the tour at their leisure; there are no date or time constraints. It is a 20-minute excursion into Clarkdale’s historic homes.

    For your very own tour, go to the Museum website ( Choose “Events” from the menu and click on “Buy your virtual home tour ticket.” Make sure that you enter your email correctly as that is where you access your link. If directed, click on “Return to merchant” after payment.

    CHSM would like to thank our sponsors for making this event a reality: Craig Haberler, Copper Art Museum, 10-12-Lounge, Amber Godina of Violette’s, Greg and Kristen Clousen of Rain Spirit RV Resort, Dennis Tomko, Charles Pratt, Cliff and Nancy Pollay, Carlton, and Tim Toth. It is folks like these that make Clarkdale a great place to be.

    CHSM is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. To learn more or to get involved, please visit


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