City of Prescott Purchases Sundog Ranch

Tuesday, Prescott City Council approved an expenditure in the amount of $7,144,400 (+ authorizing the purchase of 300 acres for the purpose of natural open space in the Granite Dells. This strategic acquisition of property meets the criteria as set forth in the 2009 Council-adopted Open Space Master Plan.

The deal entails the grant of a nontransferrable life estate on the property in order for the current owners to continue to live on the property until their passing. There is also a mutually agreed upon trail plan already in place and the City of Prescott will allow Sundog Ranch to continue cattle grazing operations on the purchased property.

Since 1926, the Seaver family has actively ranched the land. In 2003, the City of Prescott purchased 33.28 acres to protect the shoreline of Watson Lake. In 2018, the City of Prescott acquired 160 acres of the ranch and subsequently constructed the very popular Storm Ranch Trail System.


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