15 apply for vacancy on Prescott Unified School District Governing Board

Yavapai County School Superintendent Tim Carter says 15-people applied for a vacancy on the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board. Carter is now scheduling individual, private one-on-one interviews with each candidate for Monday or Tuesday. Carter will then be available Wednesday at the schools district office to meet with the public between 8-and-11-am and then from 1-to-3-pm, on a first come, first serve basis. He’ll meet with Governing Board members on Thursday with a selection announced by next Friday. The candidates are….

  • Dr. Andy Nelson, DC, chiropractor, parent, grandparent, resident 20+ years.
  • Dr. George Jaeger Ed.D., retired, high school and college instructor.
  • Mr. Gary Freed, B.S., retired certified public accountant, member State Board of Accountancy.
  • Mr. Daniel Yamauchi, J.D., lawyer, parent, raised in Prescott, graduate of PHS, resident since 2019.
  • Mrs. Nicki Pacheco, B.S., parent, former educator in a charter school, resident just over 1 yr.
  • Dr. Tracy Smiles, Ph.D, retired university professor, parent, president AAUW(Prescott).
  • Mr. Rand Lane, B.S. , M.Ed., former governing board member in Cave Creek, retired educator.
  • Ms. Linda Conn, M.S, school counseling, 18 yrs. in law enforcement and 25 yrs. in public education.
  • Dr. Demitra Manjoros, M.D., retired surgeon, parent, resident since 2014.
  • Mrs. Sarah Thompson, Bachelors candidate, full time mother and student, resident since 2013.
  • Mr. John Duncan, Prescott native, 1998 graduate of Prescott HS, attending Yavapai College.
  • Mrs. Jill Martin, B.A., parent, manages online training company, resident since 2009.
  • Dr. Jessica Matthews, M.D., emergency room physician, parent, resident since 2008.
  • Mr. Troy Cook, A.S., B.S., retired law enforcement, current realtor, resident for several years.
  • Mrs. Sarah Vincent, B.S., M.Ed., educ. director Highlands Center, resident since 2014.


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