Flagstaff Flooding Update 7-22-21

The National Weather Service is forecasting increased thunderstorm activity with chances of significant rainfall today through Saturday. A Flash Flood Watch is in place through Saturday evening for much of the state. Coconino County Flood Control officials say thunderstorm cells were on the edge of the western section of the Museum burn scar Wednesday with just over an inch of rain falling. As a result, only the western tributary of the Spruce Wash flowed. In contrast to previous events, the channels and mitigation efforts kept waters largely within the channels and storm drain system. Another 9,900-sandbags were produced and delivered Wednesday. More than 650,000 have been placed so far. Flagstaff is conducting ongoing assessments of the public infrastructure and have identified 103-sites with an estimated damage of $3-million. Anyone impacted by flooding is asked to call the Museum Flood Area Call Center at 928-679-8525.


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