Update on damage and mitigation within the Museum Flood Area in Flagstaff

Coconino County and Flagstaff are warning residents within the Museum Flood Area to be prepared for more potential flooding through Saturday. The National Weather Service is forecasting increased thunderstorm activity with a particularly increased chance of significant rainfall. Officials say thunderstorm cells missed the Museum burn scar Tuesday. Some 3,200-sandbags were produced and delivered to supply sandbagging placement operations for the elderly and disabled. Additional engineering resources have been secured to assist with performing flood mitigation site assessments. There is currently a backlog so those waiting are asked to be patient. Damage, repair and labor estimates have climbed to $2.9-million. So far, 108-private property flood impact assessments have been completed, 45 of which were reporting interior damage, 38 reporting exterior damage and 25 reporting interior and exterior damage. The Museum Flood Area Call Center can be reached at 928-679-8525.


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