Yavapai County says there’s no way to sign up to get vaccinated for any phases of the vaccine rollout

The following is a release issued by the Yavapai County Health Department Tuesday…Yavapai County Education Services Agency School Nurses have been trained to administer the vaccine; and EMS and partner agencies will be assisting with vaccinations for law enforcement staff eligible in this phase. This will ensure they are not competing with others in Phase 1B for appointments.   

Teachers and staff are being scheduled by their school nurses. YCCHS has databases to alert law enforcement and congregate settings of how and when to get their vaccinations. Any adult age 75 or older is eligible and prioritized in Phase 1B. You will be asked a few questions to determine your eligibility.  If you are a workplace or agency with staff needing to be vaccinated, please complete this form:  https://form.jotform.com/203526242875053, so YCCHS has your contact information and # of staff. 

YCCHS confirmed with Arizona Department of Health Services the pharmacies that will be participating in the CDC Retail Pharmacy Partnership Program for the 75 and older population. The program is starting out very small with just a few Safeway/Albertson stores and Fry’s/Kroger stores beginning as early as next week. As more vaccine becomes available additional pharmacies will be added to the program. Only people 75 and older will be able to make an appointment at those pharmacies. Private providers will also be receiving vaccine in the coming weeks.  

Please realize we have a large population in this phase and vaccine supply is limited. This phase will take considerable time due to the roll out of 2nd vaccinations for those who received the initial dose. It could take months for Phase 1b to be largely completed.  

If people want to make an appointment at the State Farm Stadium vaccination pod, register here: https://podvaccine.azdhs.gov/. You will be asked a few questions to determine your eligibility.  Realize that you will receive the Pfizer vaccine, and will need to get a second dose within 21 days. 

We know how important this vaccination effort is.  We know many of you want an appointment now.  As more vaccine becomes available, we will be able to provide more options.  For now, we are working as hard as we can to get eligible residents in Phase 1A vaccinated in the timeliest manner possible.   


  1. The news stated that the age was lowered to 65 +. Why is Yavapai so behind Maricopa when we’re the highest rate of infection in AZ


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