AIA Board vote to reverse cancellation of winter sports season

After voting 5-to-4 last week to halt the winter sports season due to COVID-19, the AIA’s Executive Board reconsidered its position based on feedback from its member schools. After additional debate and consideration, the Board voted 5-to-4 to reinstate the winter sports season with new modifications in place at a special session held on Tuesday. Modifications include: requiring all students, coaches and officials wear a cloth mask or gaiter for the entirety of a game/contest. Requiring completion of the AIA COVID-19 Athlete/Coach Monitoring Form prior to the contest. Allowing attendance of up to two parents or legal guardians at their student-athletes home games and stricter penalties for those who violate the mandatory modifications. Officials say the situation will be closely monitored and re-evaluated in the upcoming days and weeks. The winter season is reinstated to begin January 18-th.   


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