Tuba City Regional Health Care setting up vaccine clinic for people 75 and older

Tuba City Regional Health Care will administer COVID-19 vaccines to patients 75-years old and older within their service area from 9-am to 3-pm next Friday at the Tuba City High School. Patients must be prepared and if possible, have a driver and interpreter if needed and download and complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Form at www.tchealth.org. Patients can also pickup the packet at local chapter houses within the service area of Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp. Patients must also commit to return for their second vaccine dose from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 5, at the same location at Tuba City High School’s Pavilion parking lot. 

Patients should not show up to the vaccine event if they have a cough, fever, shortness of breath or loss of taste or smell or any other illness, had COVID-19 in the past three months after October 2020, are in quarantine for a household member with COVID-19 or an exposure, have a pending COVID-19 test or any other vaccinations in the past 14 days. 

For more information and for the latest COVID-19 vaccine information, visit www.tchealth.org/coronavirus/vaccine.html


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