Yavapai College to return to “Red Phase” of operations

Yavapai College has announced that the College will revert to the ‘red phase’ of its COVID-19 re-entry plan when the College returns from Thanksgiving break on Monday, November 30-th through Sunday, December 6-th. College leadership will meet each Friday through the remainder of the fall semester to determine which phase the College will operate in during the following week. The red phase is the first of the 5-phase plan that the College implemented over the summer, and it will enact new protocols, including moving all classes and services to a 100% virtual environment. All non-essential employees will also telecommute for the remainder of the fall semester. Previously, the college had been operating in the ‘orange phase’ of its plan, which allowed for hybrid, in-person classes for about 20% of classes. Visit www.yc.edu.gov


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