COVID-19 Numbers 8-13-20

The Arizona Department of Health is reporting 1,351 new cases of COVID-19 today; that’s nearly double the number reported yesterday. Deaths increased by 36 to 4,383. The total percent positive of those tested in the state is 12.2%. The Yavapai County Health Department is reporting 13 new cases with 2,089 since the pandemic began. Deaths are at 71 with 773 recoveries. The positive rate of those tested is now at 6%. There are 12-people hospitalized. The Coconino County Health Department is reporting 20 new cases today with 117-deaths and 2,429-recoveries. Since the pandemic began, the county has had 3,040-cases. There are 8-people hospitalized. Coconino County’s positive test rate remains at 10%.


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