Governor and ADEQ waive emissions testing for people 65 and older

Governor Doug Ducey and ADEQ say ADEQ will waive emissions testing for vehicle owners 65 and older for up to 1-year to allow them to renew their vehicle registrations. If an emissions test is required, a waiver from ADEQ allows the vehicle owner to renew their vehicle registration online through ADOT. This change helps protect seniors by encouraging social distancing and reducing their risk of coming into contact with COVID-19. 

ADEQ is currently accepting waiver applications for vehicle registration renewals due in March, April or May of 2020. Vehicle owners can apply at or by calling 620-771-3950 and pressing “0” to reach Customer Service.

In addition, Vehicle Emissions Inspection (VEI) testing stations are taking additional precautions at their facilities to protect public health. These measures include regularly disinfecting and sanitizing equipment and surfaces, maintaining social distances between customers and reducing the need for inspectors to enter vehicles for testing. See a full list of efforts and a description of process changes at


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