Yavapai College goes to online teaching only for the remainder of the Spring semester

For the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and the college community, Yavapai College has announced that all classes and services will only be offered online for the remainder of the spring semester. Many of the College’s classes have already transitioned to a fully online environment and will continue to operate in that capacity. For those classes that still have a face-to-face component, options are available. Students need to contact their instructors to determine the option that works best for them. If students have problems accessing computers, or internet services, they should contact the school. To keep facilities as clean as possible, all college faculty and staff must telecommute and are prohibited from entering facilities until further notice unless they have approval from their Vice President. Essential college services will function as normal, such as Yavapai College Police and facilities personnel. All college events are cancelled through the end of the spring semester, which is May 10-th.


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