Arizona Corporation Commission to hold a swearing-in ceremony for incoming Commissioners.

 The Arizona Corporation Commission will hold a swearing-in ceremony for incoming Commissioners on January 7th at their headquarters in Phoenix. The ceremony will see Commissioner Justin Olson and Commissioner-elect Sandra Kennedy sworn-in to office. The newly sworn-in and ongoing Commissioners will vote to elect a new Chairman. Commissioner Justin Olson was appointed by Governor Doug Ducey in October 2017 to fill the vacancy left by former Commissioner Doug Little, who left to take a position at the United States Department of Energy in Washington D.C. Commissioner Olson was elected this past November to serve his first full term as a Corporation Commissioner.Commissioner-elect Sandra Kennedy was first elected to the Corporation Commission in 2008 and is returning after a six-year absence. Commissioners Bob Burns, Andy Tobin, and Boyd Dunn were elected in 2016 and will continue to serve for the next two years.


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