24-cows dead in Navajo County from possible ecological poisoning

Sunday, a local rancher in Heber area reported to the Navajo County Sheriff that two of his cows were discovered deceased. On Tuesday, NCSO received another report of approximately fourteen more cattle that were found deceased in the same area.  Wednesday, with help from the State Veterinary’s Office, samples were collected from the cattle for lab analysis to determine the cause of death. Initial reports indicate the cattle may have been shot and killed. However, further investigation indicates that the cattle have suffered from a natural occurring ecological poisoning. The results of the toxicology reports are still pending. Other reports have been received from other ranchers, bringing the total number of cattle deceased in the Heber / Overgaard area to 24. The case is being investigated by NCSO’s criminal investigations unit, the AZ Livestock association, the U.S. Forest Service and Game and Fish. Anyone with information is asked to call the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office.


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