Flagstaff Fire issues a full-recall for off-duty firefighters during Copley fire

During the Copley fire, the Flagstaff Fire Department issued a full-recall to summon off-duty firefighters to come in and man the stations in town while on-duty crews were out fighting the fire. Officials say full recalls are not unusual during large scale incidents like structure fires and wildfires, particularly in the summer. What was unusual, officials say, was the fire activity described by firefighters on scene, and the fact that we’re seeing this kind of fire behavior in April.  Officials say Sunday’s Copley fire served as a powerful reminder to us that fire season is already upon us, we’ve had one of the driest winters on record, and that we must be vigilant in our preparations for what is shaping up to a very busy season ahead. Local fire agencies are urging the public to follow one less spark, one less wildfire and Ready, Set, Go.


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