The Philosophy and Physics of Forgiveness

April 23, 2017

The Philosophy and Physics of Forgiveness

Clarkdale OLLI Campus, Tuesdays, April 25 – May 16, 1 – 3 p.m.  learning group V-434-SP17, ROOM G-104

Clean & restore your brain (hard-drive) of malware & viruses with the empowering tool of forgiveness and see things differently! Explore how physics and philosophy principles demonstrate the life-enhancing value of forgiveness as it applies to everyday issues, e.g., painful memories, situations or relationships. The forgiving mind—a more highly efficient search and retrieval mechanism—has fewer and fewer points of conflict, and promotes health, vitality, peace, and happiness. Your systems thrive!

Honey Judith Rubin has gleefully enjoyed decades touching hearts and helping to expand minds through insightful writing and classes. “Life’s like a movie, write your own ending,” says Rubin, whose long-term vision and mission is to make a difference!

Pre-registration required through OLLI: 928.649.4275 or 928.649.5550

For more information, call or text: Honey at 404.626.5535.

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