Peak Business Class: Leadership and Innovation

May 10, 2017 5:00 PM

Prescott Public Library Founders Suite

215 E. Goodwin, Prescott 86303

Casey 928-759-3061

Peak Business Class: Leadership and Innovation


Wednesday, May 10th & 17th at 5-7 pm

Prescott Valley Public Library

Glassford Hill Room



Leadership moves groups of people to achieve a goal or dream of importance.  Innovation is the process of creating something new and useful.  The combination is a powerful force in any business, no matter how large or small, whether urban or rural, whether an established company or a startup.  This two part series shows how each is used and how the combination creates new and vibrant opportunities.  Your presenters, Dr. Jim Subach and Prof. Scott Lewis of NAU, come from the real world of business from small to very large organizations and everything in between.  They’ll show you the models and how to use them in two fast-paced and timely sessions.  If you’re serious about building or growing a business or organization, then this is for you. Registration is required. Call or email Casey to sign up at 928-759-3061 or

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