Kids & Kritters 2017 Summer Camp

July 5, 2017

Kids & Kritters 2017 Summer Camp at the Humane Society of Sedona, an annual tradition offering children ages 7 to 11 the opportunity to learn how to properly care for pets, and encouraging them to see the value of all living things. Campers meet new friends, interact with animals, learn about animal care and behavior, and hear from special guest speakers.

” Over the past few decades, our society has discovered the many social, emotional, and physical benefits for children to have pets in their lives, and our Camp opens up the minds of children to all sorts of possibilities for enjoying pets” said Executive Director Austin Gates. “Future pet owners or future Veterinarians – the Kids and Kritters Camp is a great first step for young children who love animals.

“Already this week, the kids have chosen a homeless pet to champion, and created posters to draw attention to the pet,” said Liz Olson, Shelter Manager and “Head Camper.”   They helped “spay”, microchip, and vaccinate Buddy the stuffed bear, and learned to value and appreciate even the wiggliest critters – snakes, scorpions, and spiders.  Every day is full of surprises, crafts, games, and learning.

Kids & Kritters Summer Camp 2017 continues with two more sessions in July, and there is still space.  Parents can find out more and sign up online at

About The Humane Society – The Humane Society of Sedona is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization organized in 1966. Located at 2115 Shelby Drive, Sedona, the Humane Society takes in nearly 1,000 lost or unwanted animals every year and provides care and housing for them until they are adopted.  The Humane Society of Sedona is a no-kill organization.

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