YCSO charges house sitter with theft and trafficking in stolen property

YCSO arrested a Sedona man in connection with the theft and pawning of items stolen from a home he was supposed to be housesitting. Spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn says 34-year old Jeremy Smith was house sitting for a woman last October when he was asked to leave when she found out he was causing problems in the neighborhood. This January, Smith was still in the house and was trespassed. May of 2017, the victim returned to her home and found it in shambles and discovered several valuable coins, jewelry and a watch had been stolen. The total value of these items exceeded $15,000. D’Evelyn says a detective learned that Smith had pawned some of the property stolen from the home in both Phoenix and Cottonwood. He says Smith was jailed in Camp Verde on charges of theft, defacing and damaging property and trafficking in stolen property.