Prescott Fire Responds to 7 Wildland Fires Thursday

Prescott Fire crews were busy Thursday extinguishing 7 wildland fires. Division Chief Don Devendorf says they believe a vehicle traveling from Prescott Valley to Chino Valley was most likely dragging a trailer chain causing sparks that ignited 5 of the fires on the north side of Highway-89A in the Granite Dells Parkway area. The first fire was reported just after 6-am and was the smallest. The largest of the 5 fires was 20 feet by 200 feet. Devendorf says later in the morning crews responded to a fast moving quarter acre fire in the same area of the other fires, but on the other side of Highway-89A. Crews extinguished that fire before it could get out of control. Then early Thursday afternoon crews responded to another quarter acre fire that they say was clearly caused by a campfire in the area of Boulder Creek Road in the Granite Dells. Devendorf says even though we have had a wet winter and early spring, grasses dry out quickly with wind, sun and higher temperatures.