Holbrook man busted for growing and selling marijuana

The Major Crimes Apprehension Team or MCAT, executed a search warrant in the Heber/Overgaard area Tuesday. Officials say the suspect in the investigation was 59-year old Thomas Schuster. Schuster was a suspect in illegal marijuana sales as well as cultivation and operating a Butane Honey Oil or BHO lab on his property. The lab is used to extract the essential oil from the cannabis plants. Officials say the labs are extremely dangerous as butane is forced into a cylinder to produce the Honey Oil, Wax or Dab as it is known. Schuster also possessed a Marijuana Medical Card, which stated he could cultivate 12-plants; he had 34 in his backyard. Schuster could also legally possess 2.5-ounces of marijuana, but he was in possession of more than 90-mason jars of marijuana. Schuster was jailed on felony drug charges.