Four wildfires burning in Arizona

There are four wildfires burning in the state right now. The Pinal Fire is burning in the 6-miles south of Globe in the Pinal Mountains. The fire has charred 239-acres and is 0% contained. The fire was caused by lightning on May 8-th. The Mirador Fire is now 60% contained as it burns near the Arizona/Mexico border. The fire was spotted Tuesday by a Border Patrol Agent; the cause of the blaze is unknown. The Pena Fire is 70% contained at 300-acres. It’s burning south of Pena Blanca Lake in Walker Canyon. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The fourth and most recent fire is burning near Sasabe. The Arieta Fire was spotted Wednesday night and has charred 114-acres. The cause of the blaze is unknown. Weather conditions will begin to warm up again Friday and through the weekend. Although we’ve received some moisture; conditions will dry out quickly again. The public is urged to continue to be careful with anything that can cause a spark.