Female Hiker Rescued After Breaking Leg on Constellation Trail in Presoctt

Thursday evening Prescott Fire crews rescued a 59 year old woman who had broken her leg while hiking the Constellation Trail. Officials says two hikers in the parking area called 911 after they were approached by a 7-year old boy who said his grandma had fallen, was injured and sent him to get help; the woman’s cell phone did not have service. Crews arrived and the boy led them directly to the woman who was about a half mile up the trail. They treated her and then hauled her out in a stoke’s basket. The woman was then put into an ambulance and taken to YRMC.  Officials remind everyone of the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Cells phone signals can easily be lost. In this case having warm clothes, food, and water would have been essential had the victim not had the boy with her to send for help.